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Definition of laborer:

  1. One who labors in a toilsome occupation; a person who does work that requires strength rather than skill, as distinguished from that of an artisan.


shit, bricklayer, operative, foot soldier, farm hand, day laborer, knave, plugger, jackfruit, squat, fag, construction hand, doodly-squat, mercenary, diddlysquat, workingman, wage slave, labourer, slogger, gob, seafarer, hardhat, unskilled worker, slavey, helot, workman, miner, old salt, robot, diddly-shit, joiner, working girl, toiler, jak, workwoman, plasterer, beast of burden, stevedore, seasonal laborer, surveyor, lackey, drudge, blue-collar worker, jackstones, mason, manual laborer, diddly-squat, hired man, dogsbody, thrall, automaton, etc ranch hand, workingwoman, street cleaner, jackass, grub, grubber, diddlyshit, roustabout, builder, jack, pick-and-shovel man, work, drudger, learner, roofer, hack, diddley, transient worker, galley slave, villein, diddly, drone, sea dog, grunt, etc apprentice, mariner, ditch-digger, instrument, roust-about, tiler, seaman, tar.

Usage examples: