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Definition of labour:

  1. Exertion, bodily or mental, producing fatigue; toil; effort; the pangs and efforts of child- birth.
  2. To work at; to exert one's powers of body or mind; to toil; to strive; to pitch and roll, as a ship; to struggle.


hollow, the labor movement, care, advertise, pursuit, boil, force, campaign, roil, childbed, Bolshevik, savvy, proletariat, heavy lifting, jade, work, get, excavate, effort, undertaking, dig, ride, tire out, force back, delve, lug, Work, wear down, Comrade, push back, confinement, tote, the HUAC, lying-in, crunch, parturiency, tire, outwear, churn, bear on, mash, crusade, turn over, press, apprehend, travail, stab, fag, promote, dig up, exertion, prod, ram, Labour Party, strain, advertize, comprehend, labor, tug, get the picture, craunch, labor party, weary, motor, grok, crowd, wear upon, challenge, grind, working class, wear, aim, poke, jab, repulse, drudge, fight, fatigue, agitate, toil, fellow traveler, comminute, beat back, the House Un-American Activities Committee, sweat, grasp, project, communist, take, drive, dig out, labor movement, cut into, cranch, grate, bray, restriction, push, dedication, compass, task, commie, the ANC, repel, wear out, trade union movement, moil, fag out, elbow grease.

Usage examples: