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Definition of lard:

  1. Bacon; the flesh of swine.
  2. The fat of swine, esp. the internal fat of the abdomen; also, this fat melted and strained.
  3. To fatten; to enrich.
  4. To grow fat.
  5. To mix or garnish with something, as by way of improvement; to interlard.
  6. To smear with lard or fat.
  7. To stuff with bacon; to dress or enrich with lard; esp., to insert lardons of bacon or pork in the surface of, before roasting; as, to lard poultry.


have a fit, carve, blow a fuse, detonate, margarine, tramp, suet, dramatise, tallow, bolster, inflate, throw a fit, beat, monounsaturated, fill out, enlarge, puff up, magnify, go ballistic, copra, prettify, slog, aggrandise, grace, blend, bone, plod, hydrogenated, blanch, hit the ceiling, set off, have kittens, fancify, broider, adopt, palm oil, aggrandize, embroider, footslog, beautify, expand, puff out, amplify, chill, explode, pad, combust, decorate, hit the roof, bake, dramatize, fly off the handle, puff, blow up, ghee, adorn, leaf lard, olive oil, butcher, extra virgin, flip one's lid, trudge, ornament, lose one's temper, flip one's wig, butchery, embellish, blow one's stack, deck.

Usage examples: