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Definition of lark:

  1. A frolic; a jolly time.
  2. Any one numerous species of singing birds of the genus Alauda and allied genera ( family Alaudidae). They mostly belong to Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. In America they are represented by the shore larks, or horned by the shore larks, or horned larks, of the genus Otocoris. The true larks have holaspidean tarsi, very long hind claws, and usually, dull, sandy brown colors.
  3. To catch larks; as, to go larking.
  4. To sport; to frolic.


meadowlark, risky venture, budgerigar, revel, bobwhite, good, spree, rollick, frolic, horned, distraction, shenanigan, run-around, sport, philomel, joke, fun, bluejay, romp, divert, budgie, bird of paradise, binge, gambol, frisk, giggle, diversion, idyll, caper, ploy, bantam, monkeyshine, adventure, antic, work, entertainment, skylark, trick, titlark, warbler, amusement, devilment, gaieties, amuse, lark about, disport, cavort, shore, escapade, wagtail, feature, dangerous undertaking, pipit, prank, boast, fling.

Usage examples: