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Definition of lather:

  1. Foam from profuse sweating, as of a horse.
  2. Foam or froth made by soap moistened with water.
  3. To beat severely with a thong, strap, or the like; to flog.
  4. To form lather, or a froth like lather; to accumulate foam from profuse sweating, as a horse.
  5. To spread over with lather; as, to lather the face.


reproof, elbow grease, plaster, bawl out, chew out, pip, slash, spume, dismount, bath salts, thrash, thresh, jactitate, solid, rack up, dress down, bath oil, call on the carpet, huff, gash, rebuke, cement, calm, shell, head, remonstrate, thresh about, varnish, have words, whisk, lecture, chide, reprimand, break in, strap, cake, lambast, bridle, effort, lambaste, mop up, groom, flog, soapsuds, tile, bubble bath, beat, jaw, welt, sweat, board over, ice, wax, key pattern, turmoil, tizzy, call down, toss, rag, fuss, chew up, flutter, yeast, shower gel, paper, berate, fret, pother, worst, soap, lash, bar, cut down, dry, convulse, sudor, vanquish, tumult, worn spot, thrash about, perturbation, swelter, gallop, canter, take to task, whip, trounce, cane, bubbles, stew, exertion, scald, beat out, bareback, plate, twitter, perspiration, agitation, crush, swither, upset, equestrian, carpet, swivet, dither, fluster, blister, travail, suds, scold.

Usage examples: