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Definition of lay out:

Synonyms for lay out:

gear up, piece, lay, pay, set about, salute, flash, put in, grade, heap, confront, produce, budget, coif, cremains, disport, sic, launch, stand for, choreograph, fructify, correspond, roam, ensnare, crop, or up, frame, depart, overexpose, get, show, go down, act, coffin, exemplify, coiffure, rove, cast, localize, bear the cost/expense etc., fork over, begin, clarify, feng shui, play, present, rank, marshal, adjust, browse, finance, scheme, ground plan, commence, start, specify, burn, demonstrate, drop, comprise, gift, interpret, graze, punch someone's lights out, instal, exhibit, tramp, determine, assemble, spend, introduce, found, mark, expend, constitute, portray, demo, entrap, deck, pasture, localise, codify, face, place, flatten, coiffe, ramble, shell out, range, roll, typify, put across, project, raise, out, part, parade, jell, sunburn, show off, fund, strut, classify, blueprint, bask, SPF, congeal, invest in, swan, box, unveil, install, symbolise, chart, do, run through, disburse, rear, sport, stray, design, put up, systematize, architecture, flaunt, collate, be, ready, deliver, submit, put, sun cream, rate, engineering, sunburned, array, effectuate, stage, set, explain, shape, cortege, map, vagabond, award, start out, prepare, arrange, wander, fix, layer, erect, go under, set out, draw up, limit, set off, rig, give, correct, align, fell, get down, defend, strike down, expose, organize, strategize, illustrate, knock, take down, sunbathe, bury, landscape architecture, lend, establish, make up, floor, casket, typeset, knock down, pitch, set up, elevation, define, invest, plant, pose, take off, dress, sort, dispose, burial, represent, sun, order, pay out, put together, drift, acquaint, straddle, display, symbolize, civil engineering, ashes, tack together, position, calculate, pile, tack, run, countersink, architectural, effect, bier, cremate, set forth.