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Definition of lean:

  1. Of a character which prevents the compositor from earning the usual wages; - opposed to fat; as, lean copy, matter, or type.
  2. That part of flesh which consist principally of muscle without the fat.
  3. To cause to lean; to incline; to support or rest.
  4. To conceal.
  5. To incline in opinion or desire; to conform in conduct; - with to, toward, etc.
  6. To incline, deviate, or bend, from a vertical position; to be in a position thus inclining or deviating; as, she leaned out at the window; a leaning column.
  7. To rest or rely, for support, comfort, and the like; - with on, upon, or against.
  8. Unremunerative copy or work.
  9. Wanting flesh; destitute of or deficient in fat; not plump; meager; thin; lank; as, a lean body; a lean cattle.
  10. Wanting fullness, richness, sufficiency, or productiveness; deficient in quality or contents; slender; scant; barren; bare; mean; - used literally and figuratively; as, the lean harvest; a lean purse; a lean discourse; lean wages.


tap, arable, dip, away, flimsy, wisplike, disceptation, topple, balance, wobble, underweight, play, shriveled, draw, meaty, controversy, hollow-eyed, prevail, sinewy, reedy, believe in, cower, heel, persist, tip up, hold, exist, argument, lank, proclivity, think, hunt, rock, fee, weedy, number, go, track down, crane, meager, skimpy, magnetic inclination, missing, tiptoe, run away, joust, strong, rawboned, lead, melt, anorexic, list, absent, flow, in absentia, reckon, get, bunk, have a mind of your own, scarper, propensity, wasp-waisted, corn, crouch, slope, careen, break away, angle of dip, know best, overturn, brick-and-mortar, tippytoe, contention, svelte, likely, guide, cant over, scrawny, deep-eyed, withered, set, race, skinless, bestride, incline, fly the coop, die hard, flyblown, unprofitable, scarecrowish, be given, tough, squint, disposition, trim, gaunt, disputation, tip, bleed, unravel, take to the woods, scat, stringy, extend, black market, turn tail, consider, belong, skinny, lie, adjust, lost, melt down, crop rotation, collective, angle, ply, spindly, slim-waisted, cadaverous, inclination of an orbit, misplaced, heel over, angle of inclination, twiggy, dainty, arguing, wispy, tip off, magnetic dip, sparse, operate, anorectic, gone, emaciated, turn, thin, wiry, slight, all-night, fish, spindle-legged, rake, bung, say, stand, unattainable, fibrous, spin, move, execute, inclination, feed, cultivate, name, hunt down, wasted, crook, burrow, adhere to, lam, haggard, tumble, slant, there is/are etc., lithe, twiglike, muscular, business-to-business, roll, wizened, bow, reverse, escape, shift, reedlike, double over, cash crop, run for, listing, spindle-shanked, wizen, anticompetitive, pitch, bend, petite, crop, big, combine, range, turn something inside out, work, sit, grade, cultivated, gangling, cant, unavailable, scraggy, tend, deficient, carry, gangly, business, head for the hills, fatless, bony, ladder, skeletal, leaning, jellied, endure, pinched, campaign, rise, weight, bloated, insufficient, pass, accredited, hightail it, function, concentrate, lacking, run, slender, dispose, slim, trend, lanky, gradient, course, shrunken, occupy, slender-waisted, tendency, straight, tilt, sway, jerk, consort, fragile, spare, contestation, shrivelled, crop circle, sunken-eyed, boneless, inclining.

Usage examples: