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Definition of lease:

  1. A demise or letting of lands, tenements, or hereditaments to another for life, for a term of years, or at will, or for any less interest than that which the lessor has in the property, usually for a specified rent or compensation.
  2. Any tenure by grant or permission; the time for which such a tenure holds good; allotted time.
  3. The contract for such letting.
  4. To gather what harvesters have left behind; to glean.
  5. To grant to another by lease the possession of, as of lands, tenements, and hereditaments; to let; to demise; as, a landowner leases a farm to a tenant; - sometimes with out.
  6. To hold under a lease; to take lease of; as, a tenant leases his land from the owner.


fill, mesh, call for, read, lead, train, make, contain, get, take, select, letting, guide, direct, film, enlist, betroth, learn, permit, postulate, exact, remove, engage, ingest, subscribe, let, require, deal, engross, withdraw, operate, allow, admit, affiance, record, carry, drive, convey, rental, pack, hire, plight, choose, subscribe to, lock, necessitate, pick out, adopt, rent, demand, pursue, acquire, consider, strike, take on, take up, take aim, look at, absorb, take away, wage, get hold of, permission to rent, charter, have, use up, bring, renting, study, prosecute, need, take in, ask, term of a contract, submit, shoot, countenance, conduct, accept, aim, assume, occupy, hold, claim, involve, consume.

Usage examples: