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Definition of leash:

  1. A brace and a half; a tierce; three; three creatures of any kind, especially greyhounds, foxes, bucks, and hares; hence, the number three in general.
  2. A string with a loop at the end for lifting warp threads, in a loom.
  3. A thong of leather, or a long cord, by which a falconer holds his hawk, or a courser his dog.
  4. To tie together, or hold, with a leash.


shoe collar, Trinity, common chord, tip, trail, trio, lasso, taking into custody, trammel, threesome, pinch, three, neckband, jumper lead, leading, terzetto, 3, handcuff, hint, ternion, spark advance, principal, fetter, hog-tie, wind, jumper cable, lead story, lead-in, tercet, lede, manacle, terce, dog collar, booster cable, troika, catch, arrest, deuce-ace, triad, choker, tierce, ternary, triplet, third, free, steer, triple, atomic number 82, tie, lead, trey, tether, rope, pencil lead, confidential information, chain, apprehension, hobble, hamstring, trine, hamper, III, one-third, track, help, star.

Usage examples: