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Definition of leave off:

Synonyms for leave off:

quit, unpack, turf out, bring to an end, turn out, leave, pass, bar, determine, conclude, finish, lapse, pull, discontinue, break, draw out, knock off, debar, take away, move out, draw, demur, invite out, desist, pack, pause, withdraw, overlook, pull up, remove, omit, refrain, break up, exclude, can, take out, give over, ask out, check, go, chuck out, let up, get out, stop, shut out, leave out, elapse, wink, cut off, buy food, cease, wind up, extract, cut out, expire, neglect, intermit, except, drop, boot out, dead-end, close, abandon, excerpt, terminate, end, give up, die, overleap, keep out, draw off, come to an end, pull out, pretermit, eject, abstain, shut, lay off, break off, miss, shut off.

  • cease (part of speech: verb)