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Definition of leave out:

Synonyms for leave out:

excerpt, look out on, draw out, suck it up, shake off, cast off, dismiss, cast, dangle, neglect, turf out, degenerate, unpack, throw away, buy food, withdraw, boot out, draw, overlook, remove, count out, deteriorate, escape, dribble, take out, unload, pull up, dominate, expend, get out, shut, swing, pull, set/put something aside, take away, send away, discharge, eliminate, MYOB, cut down, drip, to the exclusion of something, drop, pull out, flatten, sink, put down, send packing, lose, hold your tongue, throw, button it, demur, miss out, disregard, move out, shut out, knock off, exclude, turn out, reject, shut out of, keep out, strike down, overleap, lack, look across, shed, ignore, invite out, mind your own business, omit, debar, set down, dispose of, sh, drop off, fell, devolve, spend, throw off, can it, drop down, overtop, fail, look out over, draw off, leave off, bar, shut it, dry up, miss, chuck out, ask out, pretermit, extract, command, discard, that will do, except, eject, vault.