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Definition of lector:

  1. A reader of lections; formerly, a person designated to read lessons to the illiterate.


reviewer, referee, subscriber, lecturer, reader, proofreader.

Usage examples:

  • Sed judicet sibi lector.

    - "Verses and Translations", C. S. C..
  • 8, 'Equidem omni cura morem servabo senis; sed si libuerit aliquid interponere, dictorum sensus ut delectet varietas, bonas in partes, lector, accipias velim.

    - "The Student's Companion to Latin Authors", George Middleton Thomas R. Mills.
  • Ergo procul fugias, Lector, cui nulla placebunt Carmina, ni fuerint turpia, spurca, nigra.

    - "Lucasta", Richard Lovelace.