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Definition of legal:

  1. According to the law of works, as distinguished from free grace; or resting on works for salvation.
  2. According to the old or Mosaic dispensation; in accordance with the law of Moses.
  3. Created by, permitted by, in conformity with, or relating to, law; as, a legal obligation; a legal standard or test; a legal procedure; a legal claim; a legal trade; anything is legal which the laws do not forbid.
  4. Governed by the rules of law as distinguished from the rules of equity; as, legal estate; legal assets.


ordained, judicial, healthy, accustomed, due, effectual, statutory, just, legitimacy, civil, heavy, ineligible, illegal, extraterritorial, enabling, lawful, criminal, straight, customary, rightful, permitted, efficacious, level-headed, good, allowable, judged, criminally, warranted, admissible, sportsmanlike, clean, levelheaded, eligible, licensed, guiltless, Sub Judice, sportsmanly, unlawful, legally, jural, sound, de jure, hereditary, profound, jurisprudent, protected, sanctioned, innocent, common law, intelligent, ratified, justifiable, well-grounded, licit, current, antitrust, granted, legitimate, legit, reasoned, effective, enforced, acknowledged, law, extrajudicial, forensic, mandated, valid, juristic, equitable, wakeless, fair.

Usage examples: