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Definition of legerdemain:

  1. Sleight of hand; a trick of sleight of hand; hence, any artful deception or trick.


head game, trickery, deceit, incantation, magic trick, chicanery, sleight of hand, dissimulation, john, joke, magic, hocus-pocus, antic, deception, semblance, fancy, thaumaturgy, conjury, conjuring, misrepresentation, dissembling, whoremonger, chicane, skulduggery, conjuration, put-on, hanky-panky, illusion, delusion, subterfuge, sleight of hand, jiggery-pokery, caper, invocation, phantasy, conjuring trick, fantasy, prank, whoremaster, prestidigitation, fast one, performing arts, gamesmanship, artifice, wile, jugglery, trick.

Usage examples: