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Definition of legislature:

  1. The body of persons in a state or kingdom invested with power to make and repeal laws; a legislative body.


Congreso of Mexico, Oireachtas of Ireland, Congresso Nacional of Brazil, authority, plenum, soviet, legislative body, National Assembly of Cuba, house, Riksdag of Sweden, the DOE, United Nations Assembly, Congreso Nacional of Chile, law-making body, Federal Parliament of Australia, EEOC, legislative assembly, the CIA, Nationalrat of Switzerland, the FAA, the DOD, the Capitol, government, law-makers, Knesset of Israel, voice of the people, administration, Parliament of Canada, senate, Parliament of Great Britain, Grand National Assembly of Turkey, bureaucracy, duly constituted legislative body, ATF, BATF, city hall, the Bureau, city council, diet, Congreso Nacional of Argentina, Eduskunta of Finland, Diet of Japan, bicameral legislature, Capitol Hill, apparatus, Parliament of the Union of South Africa, National Assembly of France, house of representatives, House of Representatives of New Zealand, general assembly.

Usage examples: