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Definition of let off:

  1. A device for letting off, releasing, or giving forth, as the warp from the cylinder of a loom.


booking office, relieve, free, make (your) peace (with someone), duel, alleviate, justify, shout, board, absolve, deploy, open up, water under the bridge, forgive, defuse, fire off, chant, apologize, yell, bookable, let something go, salvage, rage, aboard, aim, aisle seat, roar, booking, take over, arr., armed, draw, fire, discharge, still, exempt, cover, apologise, allay, remedy, palliate, bend/stretch the rules, armorer, arm, rationalise, lighten, cry, save, load, bus, armament, beg off, call out, unbosom, cry out, let, salve, afloat, bellow, explain, detonation, stretch, excuse, assuage, condone, brandish, fight, cock, make allowance/allowances (for), scream, ease, bend the rules (for someone), pardon, book on, rationalize.