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Definition of light up:

Synonyms for light up:

make, get down, manifest, habit, show, cold turkey, nicotine gum, sparkle, bring in, ashtray, authorise, exculpate, make no secret of something, wrap up, gain, finish off, authorize, gleam, solve, crystallise, mop up, pass, lighten, finish up, shed light on, illume, glow, discharge, flare, flash, voice, fire up, polish off, pull in, exonerate, unhorse, dismount, clear, stir up, sack up, clarify, catch the light, shine, drag, realise, earn, get through, elucidate, glare, surrender, offer, light, net, render, blaze, give away, fall, enlighten, brighten, ignite, illumine, cessation, express yourself, acquit, unclutter, perch, top, sack, illuminate, lighten up, clear up, display, draw, take in, draw on, alight, wake, inflame, straighten out, sort out, crystallize, chain-smoke, heat, get off, crystalize, crystalise, assoil, realize.