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Definition of lighten:

  1. To burst forth or dart, as lightning; to shine with, or like, lightning; to display a flash or flashes of lightning; to flash.
  2. To cheer; to exhilarate.
  3. To descend; to light.
  4. To emit or disclose in, or as in, lightning; to flash out, like lightning.
  5. To free from trouble and fill with joy.
  6. To grow lighter; to become less dark or lowering; to brighten; to clear, as the sky.
  7. To illuminate with knowledge; to enlighten.
  8. To make less burdensome or afflictive; to alleviate; as, to lighten the cares of life or the burden of grief.
  9. To make light or clear; to light; to illuminate; as, to lighten an apartment with lamps or gas; to lighten the streets.
  10. To make lighter, or less heavy; to reduce in weight; to relieve of part of a load or burden; as, to lighten a ship by unloading; to lighten a load or burden.


lighten up, clear, empty, light, calm down, clear up, allay, save, eradicate, chill, mitigate, compose yourself, abate, disburden, upraise, fade, free, still, disencumber, lower, top-slice, trim down, wind down, boil up, cloud, buoy, take from, cool down, unburden, facilitate, cut down, be/feel/look at home, gray, moderate, comfort, break down, let off, salve, uplift, halve, deepen, bleed, excuse, boil over, light up, blacken, exempt, settle, salvage, put off, load, atomize, burden, shift, bleach, mellow, change, palliate, illume, shrivel, remove, jettison, loosen up, remedy, buoy up, bake, bubble, assuage, boil away, cut back, get yourself together, take over, boil, soften, brighten, unbosom.

Usage examples: