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Definition of lightly:

  1. Commonly; usually.
  2. In a small degree; slightly; not severely.
  3. Not chastely; wantonly.
  4. Swiftly; nimbly; with agility.
  5. With little effort or difficulty; easily; readily.
  6. With little weight; with little force; as, to tread lightly; to press lightly.
  7. Without deep impression.
  8. Without dejection; cheerfully.
  9. Without heed or care; with levity; gayly; airily.
  10. Without reason, or for reasons of little weight.


thinly, tenderly, quietly, delicately, comfortably, smoothly, softly, thin, readily, mildly, nimbly, easily, heavily, piano, indifferently, carelessly, peacefully, casually, gracefully, light, gently, sweetly, carefully.

Usage examples: