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Definition of lilliputian:

  1. A person or thing of very small size.
  2. Of or pertaining to the imaginary island of Lilliput described by Swift, or to its inhabitants.
  3. Of very small size; diminutive; dwarfed.
  4. One belonging to a very diminutive race described in Swift's Voyage to Lilliput.


shrimpy, pintsized, junior-grade, petty, bantam, minuscule, insular, pocket-size, parochial, picayune, narrow-minded, puny, Mickey Mouse, diminutive, pocket, sectarian, piffling, small-minded, teeny, Pygmy, dinky, illiberal, teensy-weensy, subaltern, dwarf, dwarfed, microscopic, midget, toylike, niggling, wee, slight, lowly, flyspeck, minute, petite, lower-ranking, trivial, unimportant, footling, secondary, smallish, tiny, superficial, piddling, short, weeny, teeny-weeny, teensy, provincial, undersized, half-pint, peewee, fiddling, discreet, subnormal, dwarfish, small, pintsize, little, pint-size, big, fine, miniature.

Usage examples: