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Definition of limited:

  1. Confined within limits; narrow; circumscribed; restricted; as, our views of nature are very limited.
  2. Mediocre.
  3. of Limit


limiting, modified, expressage, all-night, barely, especial, special, poor, sparse, little, extra, modest, minimum, local, wide, pocket-size, petty, within limits, business-to-business, under control, prohibitive, express, particular, express mail, brick-and-mortar, only, small-minded, determinate, bloated, controlled, brisk, peculiar, moderate, unsatisfactory, insufficient, specific, finite, definite, short, narrow, small-scale, collective, mere, circumscribed, provincial, restrictive, small, small-town, narrow-minded, measured, restricted, scant, minor, qualified, business, fixed, inadequate, pocket-sized, slight, constricted, defined, cramped, anticompetitive, big, insular, parochial, exclusive, accredited, noncomprehensive, faulty, incomprehensive, few.

Usage examples: