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Definition of limp:

  1. A halt; the act of limping.
  2. A scraper for removing poor ore or refuse from the sieve.
  3. Flaccid; flabby, as flesh.
  4. Lacking stiffness; flimsy; as, a limp cravat.
  5. To halt; to walk lamely. Also used figuratively.


spiritless, beaten, thumb, proceed slowly, done in, lank, logy, friable, hitch, brittle, ductile, spent, bumble, prostrate, vulnerable, wearied, flounder, pliable, worn, tapped out, knackered, encumbrance, dead, jaded, incumbrance, move, catch, languishing, buck, languorous, jerk, pooped, beat, enervated, thrive, floppy, shuffle, bushed, lag, burned-out, supple, stride, hinderance, lackadaisical, bungle, stay, fragile, walk, hitchhike, walk lamely, wilted, flimsy, step, blunder, fetter, teeter, unsubstantial, last, commemorative, drained, weak, attempted, hindrance, hobble, preventative, plastic, goose step, maiden, done, exist, stale, delicately balanced, wiped out, duty tour, formative, aweary, soft, tour of duty, live to fight/see another day, hang-up, rigid, all in, tuckered, flaccid, survive, stop, arrest, snag, impressible, enlistment, claudicate, face-saving, gait, check, breakable, bleary, fighting for survival, lame, played out, relaxed, term of enlistment, lax, slack, yielding, desperate, dodder, lamely, flexible, amateur, halt, interference, limber, rub, muddle, stiff, fumble, tick over, reel, pliant, toddle, come through, hopple, flabby, stoppage, frail, crumbly, pace, tour, flag, shuffle, fudge, hostile, languid, gimp, strut, preventive, washed-out, wobble.

Usage examples: