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Definition of line up:

  1. Alt. of Lineup


garb, get dressed, clip, find out, ascend, discover, muster, move up, adapt, get in line, primp, aline, recover, array, ordinate, rule, get in formation, go on, notice, align, queue up, aline, dress, do, lift, march, lop, garnish, encounter, scrape, get hold, coiffe, bump, dress out, muster up, come up, tog, coiffure, ascertain, arrange, bob up, curry, prune, form in a line, preen, garment, obtain, come on, determine, get, clothe, chance, find, receive, etc, raiment, regain, rise up, happen, coif, cut back, rise, summon, see, conform, get hold, correct, trim, uprise, groom, dress, snip, fit out, queue, find oneself, plume, align, habilitate, adjust, queue up, rally, apparel, witness, adjust, queue, feel, scrape up, observe, form into a line, decorate, arise, form ranks, dress up, come up, surface, enclothe, detect, incur, retrieve, come, coordinate, crop, set, scratch, go up, find.