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Definition of liner:

  1. A ball which, when struck, flies through the air in a nearly straight line not far from the ground.
  2. A lining within the cylinder, in which the piston works and between which and the outer shell of the cylinder a space is left to form a steam jacket.
  3. A slab on which small pieces of marble, tile, etc., are fastened for grinding.
  4. A thin piece placed between two parts to hold or adjust them, fill a space, etc.; a shim.
  5. A vessel belonging to a regular line of packets; also, a line- of- battle ship; a ship of the line.
  6. One who lines, as, a liner of shoes.


eyeliner, lining, ocean liner, facing, bindi, airliner, eye shadow, plane, compact, eyebrow pencil, paint, foundation, layer, blanket, plate, blush, cockleshell, membrane, carrier, skin, greasepaint, canal boat, cover, bulk carrier, blusher, bowser, face powder, line drive, coracle, surface.

Usage examples: