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Definition of lineup:

  1. any arrangement of persons ( rarely, of things), esp. when having a common purpose or sentiment; as, the line- up at a ticket- office window; the line- up of political factions.
  2. The formation of football players before the start or a restart of play;


carte, circuit card, act, identity card, byproduct, plug-in, visiting card, wag, bill of fare, arrangement, arrest, apprehend, center forward, artiste, board, end product, cast, breakfast television, grouping, docudrama, chat show, docusoap, distribution, calling card, clown, order of the day, ballplayer, line, timetable, all-American, conference, blue, call-in, generation, artist, brand leader, disposal, feature, menu, program, comic, posting, broadcast, apprehension, order, register, breathalyze, acrobat, book, notice, poster, categorization, bill, agenda, club, breath test, calendar, placard, entrants, bounty hunter, ticket, carte du jour, first string, disposition, documentary, bust, commodity, body search, classification, planned, sequence, bulletin, deployment, wit, add-in, organization, batting order, derivative, card, brand name, placement, layout, slate, closed-captioned, docket, circuit board, brand, politics, scorecard, comedian, formation, center, boy, list, comedienne, backfield, conjurer, schedule, back.

Usage examples: