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Definition of linger:

  1. To delay; to loiter; to remain or wait long; to be slow or reluctant in parting or moving; to be slow in deciding; to be in suspense; to hesitate.
  2. To protract; to draw out.
  3. To spend or pass in a lingering manner; - with out; as, to linger out one's days on a sick bed.


skulk, arse about, tarry, loiter, bushwhack, lallygag, bum about, drag on, lag, stagger, putter, hurry, hang on, frig around, mill about, waste one's time, loll around, hang around, traipse, lurk, fall back, loaf, run over, fast, totter, slouch, diddle, hover, brood, mess about, oscillate, ambuscade, loll, footle, falter, lollygag, shilly-shally, loom, stay behind, run on, arse around, hang back, trail, grind on, saunter, hasten, stick around, stand the test of time, levitate, ambush, lumber, trifle, dawdle, scupper, stand, see out, hobble, fall behind, bum around, come down, mope, bide, bulk large, vibrate, waylay, keep, take forever, bum, lie in wait, lounge, mill, lounge around, shuffle, mill around, lounge about, pause, dillydally, idle.

Usage examples: