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Definition of linkage:

  1. A system of straight lines or bars, fastened together by joints, and having certain of their points fixed in a plane. It is used to describe straight lines and curves in the plane.
  2. Manner of linking or of being linked; - said of the union of atoms or radicals in the molecule.
  3. The act of linking; the state of being linked; also, a system of links.


pertain to, surround, affinity, tie-in, interrelate, column, correspond, connection, kinship, have something to do with something, relation, do with, interconnection, interdependence, chronology, articulation, hookup, be bound up/together, balance, configuration, correlation, association, coloration, bearing, gene linkage, liaison, check, interrelationship, argyle, connect, bear on, relationship, be associated with, arabesque.

Usage examples: