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Definition of live on:

Synonyms for live on:

give-up the ghost, augment, choke, become, know, brook, try, depart, proceed, swallow, stand, rifle, hold, bubble, outlive, support, snuff it, go away, suffer, give way, detain, exsert, live, pull round, work, get, resist, make it, prevail, stand up, plump, take, fit, persist, conk, digest, defy, fail, tolerate, operate, inhabit, perish, remain, experience, sound, drop dead, live out your life, delay, eat, give out, ingest, bear, stand firm, cash in one's chips, get going, manage, taste, run, blend, stick up, touch, locomote, consume, extend, stretch out, conk out, stretch forth, live by, break down, go, hold out, populate, pop off, start, weather, exit, go without, last, move, hold up, die hard, brave, break, croak, sustain, put up, endure, follow, come through, travel, earn, dwell, pass, belong, pass away, have, kick the bucket, go on, run low, stomach, be, subsist, brave out, outlast, room, drop out, run short, pull through, wear, abide, hold water, withstand, function, put out, buy the farm, expire, die, decease, exist, stick out, lead, go bad, blend in, go along, survive.