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Definition of load:

  1. A burden; that which is laid on or put in anything for conveyance; that which is borne or sustained; a weight; as, a heavy load.
  2. A particular measure for certain articles, being as much as may be carried at one time by the conveyance commonly used for the article measured; as, a load of wood; a load of hay; specifically, five quarters.
  3. That which burdens, oppresses, or grieves the mind or spirits; as, a load of care.
  4. The charge of a firearm; as, a load of powder.
  5. The quantity which can be carried or drawn in some specified way; the contents of a cart, barrow, or vessel; that which will constitute a cargo; lading.
  6. The work done by a steam engine or other prime mover when working.
  7. To adulterate or drug; as, to load wine.
  8. To lay a load or burden on or in, as on a horse or in a cart; to charge with a load, as a gun; to furnish with a lading or cargo, as a ship; hence, to add weight to, so as to oppress or embarrass; to heap upon.
  9. To magnetize.
  10. Weight or violence of blows.


rouse, dilute, clip, measurement, business, consignment, back up, charge, bundle, shoot, slew, burn, freightage, ream, amount, nett, charge up, duty, potful, load up, entomb, vitiate, part, bill of lading, dense, look, reduce, much, preventive, mountain, excite, plenitude, lightness, box, accuse, anxiety, volume, basketful, cock, deal, shipload, sheaf, counterweight, mess, wealth, bugbear, buoyancy, shell, listen, bill of entry, cut, lashings, agitate, level, abundance, stack, appoint, essence, million, core, collaboration, cover, cargo, fight, effect, plateful, fire off, commove, barrel, pot, onus, myriad, turn on, delegation, dry cleaner's, file, truckload, hundred, browse, incubus, shoot down, trust, lade, alloy, zillion, stretch along, weight, block, dhobi, store, carload, subvert, air, bottle, incumbrance, cancer, bogie, profane, projectile, saddle, shipment, boatload, gist, lightweight, good deal, quantity, fire, stretch out, bury, aim, hitch, round, scad, take a look at, blanket, explosion, buck, crate, hang out, impost, division of labor, clog, heavy, point, pressure, ton, thin, freight rate, ammunition, capture, over, stretch, canker, commitment, reams, hear, profusion, fistful, encumbrance, carriage, haul, author, freight, laden, payload, bed, bushel, lading, peck, bucket, obligation, elongate, capacity, extend, access, appointment, consign, deprave, demons, pervert, cram, institutionalize, carrier, powder, dead weight, center, burden, dry-clean, come off, burn in, light, trillion, tear, hang up, raft, stow, lot, sight, demoralise, impedimenta, bear down, call up, embed, multiplicity, loading, lodge, despatch, commit, let off, yard, bag, chunk, big, boil, pack, heap, draft, delivery, preventative, dispatch, demoralize, thin out, debauch, jillion, interference, unfold, bale, send, passel, call, ladle, gob, bill, wad, calling, dock, oodles, mass, open up, debase, background, shot, corrupt, spate, lode, drip-dry, adulterate, net, attend, loads, pile, career, dozen, hinderance, warhead, archive, committal, blame, discharge, come out, density, plentitude, plenty, bogey, misdirect, bugaboo, scads, institutionalise, gobs, bunch, parcel, hindrance, concern.

Usage examples: