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Definition of lock up:

  1. A temporary prison; dead- lock, a complication or counteraction of things producing an entire stoppage.


lag, immure, be quiet, button up, dispose, cast away, save, invest, bar, interlock, hush up, cast out, seal, cast aside, plow into, put away, roll over, lock in, remand, put in, close off, put aside, put behind bars, toss out, operate, silence, pay into, shut, quieten, hush, discard, lock away, chuck out, toss away, fasten, tuck in, close up, put to sleep, toss, still, sink, gaol, shut away, belt up, bolt, dummy up, block off, jam something open/shut, interlace, keep mum, tuck away, throw away, lock out, throw out, speculate, engage, lock, fling, underwrite, hedge, shut up, jug, mesh, clam up, seal in.