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Definition of lodge:

  1. A collection of objects lodged together.
  2. A den or cave.
  3. A family of North American Indians, or the persons who usually occupy an Indian lodge, - as a unit of enumeration, reckoned from four to six persons; as, the tribe consists of about two hundred lodges, that is, of about a thousand individuals.
  4. A shelter in which one may rest; as: ( a) A shed; a rude cabin; a hut; as, an Indian's lodge.
  5. A small dwelling house, as for a gamekeeper or gatekeeper of an estate.
  6. The chamber of an abbot, prior, or head of a college.
  7. The meeting room of an association; hence, the regularly constituted body of members which meets there; as, a masonic lodge.
  8. The space at the mouth of a level next the shaft, widened to permit wagons to pass, or ore to be deposited for hoisting; - called also platt.
  9. To cause to stop or rest in; to implant.
  10. To come to a rest; to stop and remain; as, the bullet lodged in the bark of a tree.
  11. To deposit for keeping or preservation; as, the men lodged their arms in the arsenal.
  12. To drive to shelter; to track to covert.
  13. To fall or lie down, as grass or grain, when overgrown or beaten down by the wind.
  14. To give shelter or rest to; especially, to furnish a sleeping place for; to harbor; to shelter; hence, to receive; to hold.
  15. To lay down; to prostrate.
  16. To rest or remain a lodge house, or other shelter; to rest; to stay; to abide; esp., to sleep at night; as, to lodge in York Street.


nonplus, nightspot, beau monde, endure, admit, ball club, rouse, bestow, habitat, expect, excite, bathroom, institutionalize, conciliate, dwelling place, saddle, caravansary, berth, nine, confront, adapt, ordering, camp, youth hostel, bide, nightclub, rabbit warren, cabin, den, adhere, Indian Lodge, buck, rest, infix, Masonic, purchase order, pose, auditorium, complain, guild, consign, molehill, point, dormitory, put up, adobe, society, hold, golf club, belong, stick to, wedge, ski lodge, register, watch, monastic order, charge, yield, cling, gravel, lair, companionship, give, bunkhouse, checkroom, cater, Sir Oliver Lodge, lavish, contribute, blame, room, posit, baseball club, bon ton, commove, sit, parliamentary law, file away, agitate, fix, puzzle, raise the roof, fit, present, suit, order, send, nourish, rules of order, accuse, stand by, set, hostelry, appoint, continue, squeeze, auberge, social club, chateau, turn on, tolerate, wait, ingrain, grumble, Mason, fiat, stupefy, tavern, coatroom, sting, level, tarry, gild, abide, live, night club, reconcile, stopover, tear, move, company, lay on, hunting lodge, support, hostel, accommodate, anticipate, shoot, resort, lie, cabaret, smart set, clubhouse, harbor, student lodging, catch, situate, protection, concentrate, stick, ballroom, place, chamber, dumbfound, high society, distribute, help, inn, apartment, murmur, beat, deposit, ply with, orderliness, serve, hold fast, baffle, motel, hand, stick around, stick by, sojourn, await, feed, burrow, shoot down, hand over, bedding, earth, coat check, bear down, nest, club, public house, stay put, entrench, force, commit, Freemason, institutionalise, root, amaze, cloakroom, domicile, bungalow, boarding house, exist, bill, fellowship, take something further, cleave, oblige, vex, bunk, remain, mystify, fasten, bond, bind, stand, load, edict, part with, mutter, visit, file, hospice, take in, flummox, kick up a fuss/stink/argument, board, hole, rescript, stop, charge up, bank, there is/are etc., bach, apartment building, bed, get, kvetch, burden, grand master, sir oliver joseph lodge, moan, home, cohere, ordination, bear, hotel, bewilder, perplex, chalet, order of magnitude, parliamentary procedure, decree.

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