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Definition of look at:

Synonyms for look at:

apportion, inasmuch as, Well, I never, parcel out, involve, ponder, survey, lead, care, aim, conceive, as, choose, take up, contain, look around, lease, bring, ask, charming, reckon, where does someone get off doing something?, think out, portion out, postulate, deal out, plow, charter, get by, take on, hello, accept, sicken of something, exact, who would have thought...?, take aim, is that a fact?, sell, subscribe to, direct, consume, hold, conduct, unsightly, listen up, contend, occupy, shell out, plan, use up, distribute, strike, browse, contemplate, funnily enough, select, flick through, trade, run down, handle, plain, claim, inspect, need, believe, heavens above, read, contract, because, besides, make out, consider, assess, subscribe, review, mope, look, pick out, dole out, think over, unappealing, yo, acquire, all right, rent, mete out, dish out, take in, fill, think, hideous, glaze, skim, dip into, catch, treat, grim, evaluate, film, cover, pack, adopt, ugly, dispense, drive, address, really, mea culpa, take away, train, allot, check over, be past caring, guide, call for, go crazy, scan, learn, ingest, be at loose ends, wilt, admit, assume, deliberate, divvy up, not look twice at, administer, precisely, cope, pick on someone your own size, gaze, grotesque, share, you don't say, monitor, explain, demand, mope around, deal, require, since, check, carry, watch, would, leaf through, watch the clock, hey, turn over, monstrous, actually, check on, someone can dish it out but they can't take it, make, have, get hold of, lot, make do, stare, i.e., remove, count, study, manage, of all things/people/places, OK, grapple, convey, necessitate, nay, moot, withdraw, okay then, glance, go over, examine, see, you would not believe, unattractive, take a long hard look at someone/something, against, take something into consideration, view, submit, get, take, debate, scrutinize, engage, weigh, regard, carry on, look through, now I've seen everything/it all, just/wait a moment, hire, shoot, right.