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Definition of look on:

Synonyms for look on:

respect, put some distance between, find out, consider, esteem, hatch, entertain, look out, keep an eye on, have a mind of your own, have in mind, observe, think of, look upon, look, prize, incline, take in, keep (a) watch, take a dim/poor view of, ascertain, dream up, follow/watch someone's every move, think up, frown on, watch over, disagree with, watch, view, adhere to, stand over, see, follow, concoct, not hold with something, believe in, flirt with, say, think, repute, prise, think about, reckon, value, hold, remember, watch for, spy on, be on the lookout for, mean, watch out, determine, not look kindly on/upon, regard as, demur, toy with, catch, know best, oppose, take to be, learn, disapprove, check, have a problem with something.