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Definition of look up:

Synonyms for look up:

perk, look in, call on, relate, shop, find, check up on, consult, confer, dig, catch up, call, refer, come to, lighten, seek, buck up, name, cast about, quest, come over, go around, investigate, come upon, confabulate, scout, pursue, search, hunt, brighten, ease off, pick up, jump, swing by, have-to doe with, gather, confer with, delve, come a long way, sharpen, pay someone/something a visit/call, recover, bear on, look into, progress, mention, drop by, discover, pertain, visit, touch on, chase, follow up, improve, see, confab, advert, cite, touch, change for the better/worse, cast around, research, concern, forage, denote, bring up, advance, look.