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Definition of loosen:

  1. To become loose; to become less tight, firm, or compact.
  2. To free from restraint; to set at liberty..
  3. To make loose; to free from tightness, tension, firmness, or fixedness; to make less dense or compact; as, to loosen a string, or a knot; to loosen a rock in the earth.
  4. To remove costiveness from; to facilitate or increase the alvine discharges of.


slack, slip, card, unbend, bait, fluff, loosen up, unbrace, untighten, relax, tantalise, unloosen, unlax, unstrain, unmake, rag, liberate, slow down, beleaguer, extricate, break up, let go, ease, let loose, loose, rally, cod, badger, let up, unwrap, tantalize, unleash, disengage, tighten, tease, unwind, twit, decompress, unloose, untie, tease apart, razz, make relaxed, bug, pester, undo, unclasp, ride, slack up, taunt, unlace.

Usage examples: