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Definition of lousy:

  1. Infested with lice.
  2. Mean; contemptible; as, lousy knave.


sordid, shabby, wretched, cheating, bad, muddied, obnoxious, malodourous, rotted, malodorous, smutty, ill-smelling, rotten, stinking, dingy, despicable, trashy, infamous, decayed, mean, crummy, nasty, gooey, paltry, repugnant, shitty, foul-smelling, dirty, base, unsportsmanlike, disgusting, foul, fetid, smelly, pestiferous, icky, nefarious, loathsome, soiled, contemptible, miserable, unclean, vile, crappy, despisable, cruddy, muddy, noisome, awful, shoddy, unsporting, cheesy, infested, odious, sleazy, stinky, detestable, antipathetic, unpleasant-smelling, ill-gotten, good, cheap, contaminating, marked-up, funky, low, filthy, poor, abhorrent, schlocky, abominable, foetid, ill-scented.

Usage examples: