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Definition of loving:

  1. Affectionate.
  2. Expressing love or kindness; as, loving words.
  3. of Love


benign, loyal, agreeable, lovely, good-natured, lovable, loverlike, meticulous, fussy, uxorious, benevolent, doting, gentle, ardent, careful, respecting, conscientious, thoughtful, gaga, caring, affectionate, taken with, appreciative, cordial, caressing, pleasant, fatherly, dotty, respectful, harming, smitten, overfond, love, tender, in love, charmed, anxious, touchy-feely, sweet, crazy, warm-hearted, deferential, idolatrous, attitude, adoring, kind, soft on, considerate, benignant, enamored, having a good will toward, generous, valuing, attached, zealous for, concerned, affectioned, romantic, solicitous, demonstrative, amiable, earnest, scrupulous, loverly, warm, amorous, reverent, captivated, amatory, attractive, fond, lovesome, winsome, infatuated, attentive, pleasing, tenderhearted, caressive, amative, winning, admiring, engaging.

Usage examples: