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Definition of loyalty:

  1. The state or quality of being loyal; fidelity to a superior, or to duty, love, etc.


group feeling, sincerity, support, trueness, comparison-shop, brand loyalty, duty, faith, bond, integrity, troth, acquisition, inscription, continue, fealty, allegiance, love, resolution, incorruptibility, truth, firmness, singlemindedness, fondness, honor, credit, dedication, defense, esprit de corps, fidelity, committedness, singleness of heart, zeal, attachment, devotedness, regionalism, stalwartness, tribalism, steadfastness, obligation, steadfastness, championship, subjection, account, constancy, solidarity, scrupulousness, consignment, advocacy, homage, affection, sisterhood, charge card, commitment, sympathies, attachment, verity, adherence, fastness, tie, single-heartedness, probity, endorsement, uprightness, the true, constancy, staunchness, consumption, adhesion, connect, conspicuous consumption, liking, committal, piety, fidelity, ardor, charge account, earnestness, caveat emptor, backing, moral support, steadiness, good faith, inviolability.

Usage examples: