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Definition of luxuriant:

  1. Exuberant in growth; rank; excessive; very abundant; as, a luxuriant growth of grass; luxuriant foliage.


liberal, degenerate, relaxed, buxom, close-cropped, riotous, weedy, sonsy, turbulent, rampant, superabundant, dissolute, dense, bristly, disruptive, rank, hedonic, replete, verdant, study at profuse, large, deluxe, palatial, fancy, fast, profuse, fruitful, curvy, cornucopian, exuberant, princely, well-endowed, palace, civilized, ornate, abundant, gilded, plushy, luscious, voluptuous, ample, plush, rank, green, grown, silken, productive, bountiful, voluptuary, juicy, body, detailed, sybaritic, excessive, full, prodigal, complete, sumptuous, red-hot, androgynous, adequate, high-spirited, generous, arboreal, debauched, leafy, plentiful, overflowing, abounding, sonsie, balding, bushy, bald, bounteous, copious, hedonistic, full-bosomed, bad hair day, creeping, dense, lush, epicurean, bouffant, elaborate, dissipated, snug, luxurious, overgrown, thick, fecund, florid, salubrious, lavish, opulent, enough, biennial, bosomy, comfy, troubled, degraded, Babylonian, sufficient, succulent, coiffed, prosperous, lucullan, grand, elaborated, fat, libertine, busty, stacked, plenteous, fructuous, rich, warm, bedhead, big, affluent, aromatic, aquatic, prolific, barren, teeming, algal, excess, toothsome, intimate, luxury, folksy, bare, luxe, overweening, profligate, heavy, extravagant, comfortable, curvaceous, tumultuous, ebullient.

Usage examples: