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Definition of macerate:

  1. To make lean; to cause to waste away.
  2. To soften by steeping in a liquid, with or without heat; to wear away or separate the parts of by steeping; as, to macerate animal or vegetable fiber.
  3. To subdue the appetites of by poor and scanty diet; to mortify.


neutralize, languish, drown, beat, knock off, run off, do in, rot, squander, ware, souse, blanch, pine away, carve, ravage, saturate, devastate, desolate, lay waste to, waste, bake, liquidate, steep, butter, scourge, chill, blend, bone, butcher, impregnate, sodden, butchery, emaciate, sop, consume, drench, neutralise, blow.

Usage examples: