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Definition of magazine:

  1. A chamber in a gun for holding a number of cartridges to be fed automatically to the piece.
  2. A city viewed as a marketing center.
  3. A country or district especially rich in natural products.
  4. A pamphlet published periodically containing miscellaneous papers or compositions.
  5. A receptacle in which anything is stored, especially military stores, as ammunition, arms, provisions, etc.
  6. A reservoir or supply chamber for a stove, battery, camera, typesetting machine, or other apparatus.
  7. A store, or shop, where goods are kept for sale.
  8. The building or room in which the supply of powder is kept in a fortification or a ship.
  9. To store in, or as in, a magazine; to store up for use.


rag, cache, digicam, feature, newspaper, back number, clip, cartridge, broadcast, periodical, bulletin, time, barrel, comic, ASA, bore, bayonet, depot, magazine publisher, review, darkroom, compact, storage, hammer, developer, biweekly, cartridge clip, camcorder, armoury, pickup, bonded warehouse, cupboard, storehouse, cubbyhole, depository, comic book, archive, diurnal, back issue, clipping, armory, docusoap, celluloid, warehouse, chat show, arsenal, journal, powder store, circular, store, closed-captioned, calibre, gazette, keep, zine, paper, boom, chamber, mag, gauge, breakfast television, closet, aperture, call-in, broadsheet, boathouse, caliber, bunker, docudrama, snip, camera, documentary, dump, powder magazine, cartridge holder, repository, organ, butt, cellar, back copy.

Usage examples: