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Definition of magnitude:

  1. Anything of which greater or less can be predicated, as time, weight, force, and the like.
  2. Extent of dimensions; size; - applied to things that have length, breath, and thickness.
  3. Greatness, in reference to influence or effect; importance; as, an affair of magnitude.
  4. Greatness; grandeur.
  5. That which has one or more of the three dimensions, length, breadth, and thickness.


weight, enormity, aftershock, moment, momentousness, crater, the San Andreas Fault, seismograph, mass, account, sizableness, giantism, massiveness, corona, hugeness, sunspot, immenseness, earthquake, big, enormousness, epicenter, gigantism, the Richter scale, order, proportions, vastness, weightiness, prodigiousness, core, vastitude, seismology, import, quake, axis, seismic, order of magnitude.

Usage examples: