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Definition of magpie:

  1. Any one of numerous species of the genus Pica and related genera, allied to the jays, but having a long graduated tail.


chatterer, stream orchid, cotinga, babbler, windbag, addressee, assorted, raggle-taggle, packrat, pack rat, busybody, beneficiary, chatterbox, promiscuous, kitchen-sink, bluejay, recipient, budgie, spouter, motormouth, bore, budgerigar, mixed, receiver, prater, heir, taker, trade rat, scavenger, varied, motley, cackler, heterogeneous, bantam, bird of paradise, voyeur, bobwhite, talker, eclectic, cackler, indiscriminate, giant helleborine, bushytail woodrat, rambler, nosy parker, gossip, ragtag, patchwork, piebald, inheritor.

Usage examples: