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Definition of make do:

Synonyms for make do:

fight, address, carry on, sell, neck, mete out, have it away, make out, dispense, share, sleep with, administer, treat, have intercourse, get laid, superintend, be intimate, get along, argue, spot, lie with, get it on, debate, bed, do it, deal out, have sex, vie, cope, look at, bang, do, plow, distinguish, come, conduct, get away, know, compete, portion out, make love, apportion, roll in the hay, recognize, sleep together, have a go at it, issue, struggle, wield, get out, bonk, write out, postulate, fence, use, distribute, cut, supervise, lot, shell out, recognise, have it off, divvy up, grapple, deal, stopgap, fill out, makeshift, pick out, bring off, accept, repugn, manage, carry off, allot, handle, tell apart, parcel out, pull off, fare, contest, fill in, screw, escape, dole out, survive, cover, take, hump, grip, consider, eff, jazz, dish out, negociate, oversee, get by, trade, care, finagle, endure, love, get off, contend, discern, complete, wangle.