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Definition of make for:

Synonyms for make for:

impart, make, act, do work, crop, diddle, advance, encounter, contribute, travel to, go, trifle, convey, form, bestow, meet, bet, mould, bring, take, recreate, go toward, forge, knead, sour, exercise, work on, turn, help, cultivate, gain on, come up, promote, head toward, work, take on, flirt, near, fetch, toy, playact, foster, play, nurture, puzzle out, dally, go over, institute, add, wager, lick, lend, operate, function, process, influence, represent, creep up on, mold, get past, act as, land, ferment, approach, assist, shape, nurse, solve, run, act upon, work out, bear down, figure out, wreak, get, exploit, make toward, spiel, roleplay, fiddle, put to work, bring in.