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Definition of make out:

Synonyms for make out:

perform, love, sleep with, go forth, get along, descend, fill out, tell, geld, hit the sack, dig, penetrate someone's disguise, plow, shell out, simulate, compel, come on, fatten out, dissimulate, greet, bed, realize, superintend, go to bed, take, be intimate, coiffe, endure, eke out, curve, register, have intercourse, know, debate, require, accomplish, effect, practice, thrive, pretend, snub, savvy, string along, plump, trim down, frame, cut off, postulate, go to sleep, spy, realise, come out, annotate, bash, conclude, cope, pull off, get by, answer, discharge, enjoy, behave, sense, flesh out, bang, oversee, acknowledge, round, fondle, get ahead, carry on, prune, suffice, substitute, see through, dole out, fill in, mark, screw, fall, compose, slam, bring to pass, whop, issue forth, judge, dish out, hack, cause, relate to, put out, amount, fatten, share, trend, make do, burn, signalize, come along, reduce, supply, get along with, see, constrain, hear, slue, shorten, supervise, publish, cognise, care, sub, have (got) someone's number, follow, do, deduce, trim, complete, set, issue, arrange, manufacture, dilute, have it off, be a roaring success, conceive, catch, severalise, finagle, contract, see/hear things, constitute, let on, occasion, dispatch, conduct, decipher, bring down, thin, shape up, finish, agnise, advance, hunch over, apportion, number, cut back, copulate, hunch forward, mete out, recognise, nail, fat, thin out, foreshorten, play along, discover, stand in, render, tumble, abridge, argue, win out, agnize, bring into being, reason, retire, hump, dupe, total, jump into bed with someone, bring out, entrap, make love, fake, treat, establish, appreciate, bring about, trim back, edit, grasp, dispense, coif, overhear, get laid, turn off, get on with, negociate, bilk, secern, come in, receive, grok, execute, behold, distribute, roll in the hay, pick out, spot, identify, play out, keep up, blob, discern, contrive, release, make, fabricate, contest, address, act, wield, round out, cut, compete, swerve, dissemble, date, understand, get, lot, kiss, chicane, jockey, deal out, severalize, portion out, manage, sell, divvy up, key out, apprehend, construct, fleck, abbreviate, signalise, decode, consider, descry, sleep together, flourish, twig, reach, sock, plump out, mishear, backdate, carry off, catch on, cover, exercise, achieve, shift, succeed, compass, intuit, vie, progress, blot, rationalise, get it on, write out, spang, recognize, tell apart, identify with, ignore, separate, turn in, become, get out, bonk, practise, do it, emerge, swindle, pet, caption, crawl in, contend, figure out, skip, distinguish, get on, fight, detect, pad, name, have a go at it, get off, drive in, double-cross, fashion, create, come forth, make up, be/get there, fare, struggle, administer, grapple, blemish, shape, deal, look at, tailor, fatten up, sack out, bring off, shade, select, add up, bop, dress, assimilate, get away, consummate, experience, parcel out, sheer, occur, repugn, espy, handle, slew, shaft, coiffure, cheat, prosper, trade, secernate, deceive, rationalize, kip down, escape, force, jazz, enshrine, spend the night with someone, egress, cognize, hit the hay, hunch, decide, read someone like a book, arrive, accredit, come, wangle, differentiate, describe, have it away, derive, rip off, choose, disregard, read, be intimate with someone, extrapolate, enter, grip, seize, trick, lie with, veer, switch off, come up, write up, gather, edit out, allot, fence, tease, eff, serve, cotton, neck, chouse, perceive, hail, turn out, whap, key, have sex, live, cut down.