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Definition of maladroit:

  1. Of a quality opposed to adroitness; clumsy; awkward; unskillful.


bungling, impolitic, clownish, left-handed, boorish, gawky, uncouth, nonmechanical, untactful, someone couldn't do something if they tried, ham-handed, awful, uncoordinated, incapable, helpless, unskilful, rough, ham-fisted, botched, ungraceful, gauche, unskillful, undiplomatic, inexpert, poor, gauche, clumsy, awkward, unpolitic, no good, handless, unmechanical, courtesy, brash, ability, incompetent, inept, fumbled, amateur, lumpish, graceless, study at awkward, ungainly, cack-handed, unhandy, klutzy, indelicate, bumbling, butterfingered, heavy-handed, tactless.

Usage examples: