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Definition of malignity:

  1. Extreme evilness of nature or influence; perniciousness; heinousness; as, the malignity of fraud.
  2. The state or quality of being malignant; disposition to do evil; virulent enmity; malignancy; malice; spite.
  3. Virulence; deadly quality.


tartness, malignancy, moroseness, malice, malevolence, acrimony, envy, severity, fatality, hostility, spite, attitude, meanness, sourness, deadliness, unkindness, nastiness, sharpness, spitefulness, maliciousness, malignance, viciousness, malevolency, harshness, causticity, despitefulness, spite, bitterness, venomousness, virulence, acerbity, ill will, hate, resentment, hatred, poisonousness, asperity.

Usage examples: