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Definition of manakin:

  1. A dwarf. See Manikin.
  2. Any one of numerous small birds belonging to Pipra, Manacus, and other genera of the family Pipridae. They are mostly natives of Central and South America. some are bright- colored, and others have the wings and tail curiously ornamented. The name is sometimes applied to related birds of other families.


framework, course, pattern, exemplar, human body, poser, soma, chassis, conformation, var., strain, figure, build, shape, signifier, mannequin, anatomy, phase, physical body, material body, frame, kind, descriptor, grade, flesh, contour, role model, sort, variant, form, physique, model, modelling, manikin, word form, variety, cast, simulation, fashion model, theoretical account, bod, configuration, good example, modeling, class, mannikin, homunculus, example.

Usage examples:

  • Pipra mentalis mentalis Sclater: Red- capped Manakin.

    - "Summer Birds From the Yucatan Peninsula", Erwin E. Klaas.