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Definition of maneuver:

  1. To intrigue.


pitched battle, attention, negotiate, budge, manage, cunning, fun, manhandle, cozy up, head up, repoint, gambling, movement, guide, go, free rein, charge, take-in, bid, struggle, target, function, indicate, steer, guide on, looseness, mastermind, show, work, sleight, cope, channelise, gimmick, organize, shenanigan, operate, manoeuvre, pass, take, caper, organise, prank, sport, flight, guile, point, draw, luff, means, grapple, cheat, parade, finagle, transmit, skirmish, assault, treat, dramatic play, Annapolis, halt, advance, signal, shimmer, channelize, taper, hack, machinate, conduct, send, blind, double time, wile, sharpen, step, address, manoeuver, train, designate, keep in with, disturbance, inspection, motion, period of play, contend, swing, evasive action, art, transit, shunt, finesse, dirty tricks, hoax, mission, war, direct, place, exercises, transport, engineer, blackmail, jig, roll, tactic, buy, frame, swordplay, betoken, invention, honest, gaming, locomotion, channel, combat, boot camp, calculate, cultivate, move, level, romp, war games, make up to, head, inspect, operate on, measure, plan, tactical maneuver, flatter, imposture, gambol, play, turn, battle, drill, craft, buy off, tactical manoeuvre, wangle, contrive, propel, mesh, fraud, evolution, transfer, simulated military operation, take aim, bribe, run, mover, bespeak, child's play, orchestrate, field, incursion, orient, playing period, lead, exercise, lock, manipulate, frolic, drama, control.

Usage examples: